Let’s face it, modern cinema is plagued by derivatives, reboots, sequels, and all other manner of unoriginal ideas. Films are our identities. Films are our escapes. They take us to exotic locales and let us live vicariously through stories and characters that transcend generations and genres alike. We’ve all seen the fiery wreckage of unmemorable movies, but live for those rare few that rise to new heights. Call us gluttons for punishment, but it’s seeing those last vestiges of film magic that keep us trekking week after week to our local theaters.

We here at Drive-in Zeppelin strive to offer you a source for honest and insightful film reviews without all the pretension that generally accompanies film criticism.While there is nothing wrong with going to see a bad movie or ‘popcorn movie’ simply to be entertained (we do this all the time), there are some movies that are simply too dull to warrant spending $10+ on at the theatre. Why waste your time, energy and money when you could be broadening your cinematic scope or discovering new favorites?

Ferdinand von Zeppelin may not have been  a film snob/junkie like we are, but our faithful airship commander has adopted the nickname of ‘Graf’ in his honor. He might be a bit preoccupied at times while fighting Pterodactyls or traveling through space and time, but he does manage to offer up some recommendations now and again. Check out the Graf Recommends page to see a few of our personal favorites, as well as cinema masterpieces that any self-proclaimed cinephile ought to see.

Additionally we enjoy hearing your recommendations almost as much as we enjoy sharing ours. Feel free to join in this cinematic adventure and let’s rise above the Hindenburgs of film together in the Drive-in Zeppelin!